Was established 30 years ago with the objective of nurturing transformational leaders across the African Continent through:

  • Participation in various economic activities geared towards uplifting the underprivileged in rural Africa communities;
  • To promote and restore the pride of African Culture, Identity, and Diversity through our collective activities.

Since our establishment, we have been self-supporting except for occasional support we have received from friends and Organisations of goodwill.

We have changed lives and got more and more people out of a miserable life into one of success and prosperity. Currently, we are present in Thirty-Eight (38) African Countries and Ten (10) in Diaspora.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision – To be a flagship of excellence through servant leadership

Our Mission – To work with the needy and disadvantage groups in society in order to improve and enhance capacity for self-development and actualisation

Motto – “Servant leadership is the mother’s milk for sustainable development”

Tel: (020) 2723184, 2726133:
Cell: +254-710-409145

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